Think You Can’t Write Articles? Think Again!

Writing articles and putting them out on the web for everyone to see can be a little intimidating though at first, especially if you don’t consider yourself a writer. Remember that you have a lot of knowledge in your area of expertise that your readers are looking for, so just start sharing that knowledge in articles. Let’s take a look at how you can start writing your first article today.

Make a List
One of the easiest ways to write an article is to start with a list. Take out a piece of paper and jot down 5 reasons why… or 10 tips to do…. Your list will of course depend on your particular business but here are some examples: 5 reasons to take a multi vitamin, 10 tips to get your child to eat his vegetables, Top 5 ways to loose weight.

Now you write a little paragraph about each of your reasons or tips to explain them to your reader. Add an introduction to the topic at the beginning and close the article with a call to action such as start this today, visit this

Start with an Outline
I usually sit down with a pen and a notebook and start jotting down outlines for articles before I sit down at the computer to write the actual article. I come up with a title, a basic idea for the introduction and then just make a list of the major things I want to mention in the article. I also make a note of how I want to close the article. Then I’ll sit down and type out the entire article, modifying my outline as needed to make the article flow.

Record Yourself
If you’re more of a talker and love to tell others about your business, you may want to try recording yourself. Pretend you are telling a friend about a particular topic, maybe the benefits of using your product. Jut talk until you run out of stuff to say. Then listen to your recording and transcribe what you want to include in the article. You can record yourself on you computer, with a tape recorder, or use a MP3 player that records as well.

Interview Someone
Interviews make great articles as well. Find an expert on the topic you want to discuss in your article and either interview them in person (and record it) or email them the questions and have him or her send them back to you. Add a paragraph at the beginning about whom you interviewed and a little info about the person. You can close by summarizing the interview or highlighting a major point the expert made and encourage your readers to take action.

You can use the article you just wrote on your website, on your blog, or in your newsletter. You should also submit it to the article directories. Write a little resource box or author bio to the bottom of your article. When someone picks up an article from the directory to add it to their site or newsletter, they will also include your resource box with the link to your website, driving free traffic to your site.

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Managing Your Money in Marriage

How we deal with money can change when we get married. There are two people who are going out to work as one now and even though it can mean that there is two times the income, it can mean double the expenses too. You have to work as a pair to find out how you can deal with your finances. Make your decisions jointly, especially when it comes to debt, big-ticket items, and daily expenses. Save up for the long run as well, specially when you have kids.

In marriage, there are going to be a lot of changes to how you handle your money. Expenses can sometimes seem lighter at the start of the marriage, especially if you had good jobs before you get married. Some bills might be higher, but for most of it, things will be simpler because there are 2 of you paying for things. It’s a different when you make up your mind to have children and when only one person is working. Debt could also be an extremely big problem and this will include debt that you may have had before you get married.

A great tip is to discuss your finances even before deciding to get married. It might not be so simple to bring up this subject, but it will be necessary. Lay all your cards on the table, tell your spouse how much you earn, both gross and net. If you happen to be in debt, you need to tell your spouse so and also tell them your plans of how you want to pay them off. You also need to share your information about what your costs are. You also need to tell your spouse if you send home to your parents.

The main purpose here is to avoid surprises. So you will not get blow ups later, you have to start taking care of financial marriage problems as early as likely. Undoubtedly, money matters could be a source of conflict. Deal with your financial problems now, even before you begin asking ‘how to save my marriage‘. Even if it does get to that point, you shouldn’t worry due to the fact that you can get good advice on how to save your marriage.

You also should start saving money. Set aside some of your income month to month. This is going to be really useful when you begin to have kids. You will also need to set aside money for your vacations and for getaways. This can help you spice things up.

Resources: for more information about taking care of your financial marriage problems like advice on how to save your marriage and how to save my marriage.

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How To Get Started Writing Articles

If you are a new or budding writer, then you may be wondering how to get started writing articles. The first and most important rule of writing is simply to write what you know. That is not to say that you cannot research subjects to get a better idea of the needed content, but it is always best to have some previous knowledge of the topic before you accept the job.

Many people are terrific writers, but still struggle with how to get started writing articles for profit. As a budding writer, you will likely have to contribute some free writing projects in an effort to get your name noticed. As time progresses and your resume becomes more defined, you will be able to find paid writing jobs without a problem.

Writers not only wonder how to get started writing articles, but also where to submit their completed work. There are plenty of opportunities for talented individuals who have a knack for words, including newspaper reporting, magazine features, website content, press release and newsletter content, etc. If someone were to ask an accomplished writer how to get started writing articles, they would almost always reply by recommending patience, perseverance and promotion. When you decide to become a writer, you will also become a marketing specialist. You will now be in the position of having to sell your work to editors and this can be a very challenging task, but very much worth the extra push.

The best advice on how to get started writing articles would include the recommendation of having a good resume. If you cannot write your own resume, editors will wonder how you will be able to write for them. So, first and foremost, perfect the resume, polish it and make sure that it is without flaw. This means no errors in spelling, punctuation, etc. With that being said, keep in mind that nobody is perfect, so if you notice a mistake after your resume has been submitted, don’t spend too much time worrying about the error. Simply correct the problem and move on to the next opportunity. Truth be told, if your resume looks great, an editor will not disregard it just because you misspell one word or have a punctuation out of place. The next step in how to get started writing articles will be to create a writing sample. If you have been published previously, this will work to your advantage because you can use this as not only a sample of your work, but lend to the popularity of your writing as well. If you have never been published, then write the best article that you can on a subject that is close to your heart.

Still wondering how to get started writing articles? The best way is to just start writing and see where it takes you. Everyone from editors to webmasters are in constant need of content for their publications and websites, so there is no shortage in the writing market. Always keep your expectations in check and don’t expect to get rich overnight. Like any career, it will take time to build and experience is a must. The more you have written, the more you will get the chance to write.

For further information visit

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Find Your Aim

It is natural that a human being should doubt in the sense of life. A person is a bio-social structure that is guided through life not by instincts but by social conditions. The only animal to kill and to torture the representatives of the same specie is a human being and there is nothing we can change about it, unless we forget about social consciousness or otherwise “Me” as Freud named it. The majority is subjected to degradation because of the absence of aim in life, a stimulus to develop. They are ignorant to various factors and prefer to go with the flow than to get their own way. Philosophers struggle over a question what humans live for. Having heard a lot of similar questions from my students, I’m convinced now that the aim can be as individual as collective.

How to find that goal to achieve? It is simple. Look inside and think over some of the positive features that are so important for you aren’t they worth living? When the life comes to the point where the burden of it is unbearable, it is time to reconsider the system of values you’ve established and find something worth fighting for. People that have obtained a goal never quit moving forward and finding new ways to become consolidated. It is quite time to think over the lifestyle and to discover something new and exciting. You have to make a promise to yourself that you are going to reconsider all the aspects you name negative and positive and try to transform most of the negative into positive. Maybe for the first time in your life listen to you heart and figure out the things you always wanted to do. Your inner desires can transform into real aims and develop a strategy to realize them. Your new aim is probably going to require extra expenses and you have to be aware of the fact and accept it with dignity. If it is more convenient for you, make up a list of things you would like to have and go through it alone or with your friends or family members. After that it is probably going to get reduced a bit, but some of the points you’ll see will be essential for you. You will not be successful from the first attempt and you have to be ready not to give up if the first attempt is a failure.

To realize your dream you have to be in a full strength to overcome hardships. Sacrifice some of your time to have rest and relax, despite the difficulties you experience at work or in your personal life. Create unforgettable moments in your life by planning your vacation to be miraculously fun and exciting. And what is important, never doubt that you can accomplish this much, that you are capable of doing miracles. The truth is one: you have your life to live and this is only your life and your choice you live, not exist to leave a trace in the history and if you prefer to go with the flow, it is not going to tell more about you as a person in the history. Share your success, be positive and focus only on pleasant and it may happen that life becomes better.

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The Golden Compass

Well even after seeing the film, I am still left to wonder what the big controversy is all about.

I had never read the book series that New Line Cinema is hoping to be the next Harry Potter and if the film is an indication of what is to come. I am not even sure that i want to see part 2 nor 3, if they ever get made.

I could somewhat see why the Catholic League is protesting this film, but in the end its a lot to do about not a really good film.

For those who have no ideal about the film or anything about it please click on to this link for a better understanding, but please be wary this is a heavy spoiler preview also.

Now what I liked about the film, The casting of Sam Elliott as Lee Scoresby was exactly what the role required. When you see him in the film, you soon realize that he is a lot more that what he seems at first.

The casting of Ian McKellen as the voice of Iorek Byrnison, as an armored bear. Now I had no idea what a bear would do with some serious armor protection, but with the voice of Sir Ian, you believe that he will protect the hero of the film.

Now I realize that this film is part 1 of a 3 part film, but the first one should have been so much better that what we were given. I had said earlier that I had not read any of the books yet but even I could tell that something just was not right nor was it making sense in the way that it was told in the movie, it just seemed like way too many holes were in this film. It looks about 40-60 minutes too short.

From what I could tell if you are a huge fan of the book then do not see the film at all, you will leave the movie palace, very angry. If you have young children (10 years old and up) then this looks like it would be a good film for them to see.

For the parents, it will leave you frustrated. I can see a good film in this film, but all we get in another mess by the end of the day.

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The Game’s Afoot! Famous Detectives Leave Their Mark

Famous fictional detectives are often as beloved for what they say as for the mysteries they solve. For instance, Sherlock Holmes fans will recognize his “Elementary, my dear Watson”; afficionados of Inspector Clouseau from the “Pink Panther” series know he introduces himself: “I am Inspector Clouseau of the Sureté”; while the enchanting Charlie Chan is known for the profound wit and playful counsel that were his trademark in Hollywood movies of the ’30s and ’40s.

Here are a few more Chan facts that may unravel any mystery surrounding him in your mind. Warner Oland was the favorite of Charlie Chan fans and his fortune-cookie wisdom-Chan says in “Charlie Chan in Shanghai” (1935), “Motive like end of string tied in many knots; end may be in sight, but hard to unravel”-and thrilling mysteries have made the character he played one of film’s most popular crime-solvers.

Now, movie lovers and Chan fans can reacquaint themselves with some of the sage detective’s greatest cases thanks to the DVD debut of four of his films: “Charlie Chan in Egypt” (which includes an early appearance by Rita Hayworth as a slinky housemaid), “Charlie Chan in London,” “Charlie Chan in Paris” and “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.” The set also boasts new material including documentaries, original theatrical trailers and a never-before-released Spanish-language Charlie Chan adventure, “Eran Trece” (“There Were Thirteen”). The DVD set is marketed as “The Charlie Chan Collection-Volume One” and is available at stores for under 60 dollars.

How good are they? As Charlie Chan said in his Paris adventure, “Cannot see contents of nut until shell is cracked.”

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The Facts About Online DVD Rental Companies

Online DVD rental is very popular right now for many reasons. Convenience, choice, and cost are only a few of those reasons. Some people still haven’t gotten in on it yet for one reason or another, but it is probably due to plain old common misconceptions.

One misconception that people have about online DVD rental is that it is way too complicated. Online DVD rental isn’t complicated. All you have to know how to do is use your mailbox and navigate a mouse. All you really need to do is pick your company. Compare costs and how many you are allowed to rent at once. Also compare available insurance and costs on the rentals.

After you pick a company, you join. Usually you pay per month or per year. This is usually much cheaper than renting if you rent on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how many you rent because the cost doesn’t go up. Of course, if you only rent one or two a year, it might not be cost efficient unless you are ever late returning those movies. Late fees are usually as much or more as renting the movie was. This is probably the best thing about online DVD rental – there are absolutely no late fees with most of your companies.

When you join a rental club, you make your movie selections ahead of time. The first selections on your list are sent to you first. If you want to keep that movie for a while and watch it over and over again, that is okay. It is never deemed to be late with most of online DVD rental providers. You send your first selections back whenever you decide to. After the company gets those selections back, they send the next selections on your list to you.

For those people who don’t like getting online very often, this selection procedure can be a real plus. You can make your selections way in advance and only get back online after you have gotten through your entire selection list. But you can still get online and change your list before they are sent to you if you change your mind. Just make sure that you give them a day or two of notice so they are sure to have your selections on hand.

Online DVD rental is a better choice as far as selection goes. Online companies usually have a much greater selection of movies than your local movie rental stores do. Also, they are less likely to have all of their new releases checked out when you want them. All in all, online is a pretty good way to go.

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